Battlefield: Hardline Beta Weekend Review



I was pumped to see this title come up for beta on my Xbox one console and immediately queued it up for download. My usual console buddies jumped at the chance to try it out as well. We all were impressed with the gameplay trailer a few months earlier. We’ve played hundreds of hours in Call of Duty games but most recently had concentrated on Battlefield 4. After a short break from that title, getting the squad back together seemed like a great idea. Besides, who didn’t grow up playing cops and robbers?

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Microsoft Drops The Ball (Again) With “Games With Gold”

Remember that announcement during the Microsoft E3 press conference about Games With Gold? The Xbox Live Gold members were finally going to receive free games just like their PS Plus cousins starting with Halo 3 and Assassin’s Creed II… or so we thought.

Microsoft Drops The Ball (Again) With "Games With Gold"

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What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Arcade Machines

Wikipedia is an amazing resource, but it isn’t the be all and end all of information. You can see the Wikipedia article on arcade machines here. Here are some things you won’t find there!

Arcade machines are still being manufactured in this day and age, however with the invention of consoles, the way they are being made has changed. They don’t have the original thick and bulky low-resolution arcade screens anymore and come with TFT, LCD or any of the latest monitors that you can find on the general market. They do, however, still look and function like the original arcade machines.

Injustice Gods Among Us arcade machine

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‘Mass Effect Trilogy’ coming out in November

UPDATE: There will be specific DLC available depending on the platform. The PC version will come with “Bring Down the Sky” and “Pinnacle Station” for Mass Effect. The Cerberus Network, which includes the bonus character Zaeed, the Firewalker pack, Cerberus Assault gear, Arc Projector weapon, and Normandy Crash Site mission will be included for Mass Effect 2. Mass Effect 3 will come with the Online Pass which allows multiplayer. The Xbox 360 version will only come with the Cerberus Network for ME2 and Online Pass for ME3. No details of DLC has been released yet for the PS3 version although it was revealed that Mass Effect will be available as a digital download on the same day of release for $15.

Did you miss out on the adventures of Command Shepard and his crew saving the galaxy the first time around? No need to worry because BioWare has announced the release of the Mass Effect Trilogy box set.

“I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favorite box set in the Citadel!”

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Move over Telltale, Activision has their own ‘Walking Dead’ game in the works!

Looks like The Walking Dead game by Telltale Games is going to have some competition and by the same property no less! Activision announced that they’re releasing their own title based on the hit show which promises to be more action packed while still remaining true to the source material.

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