Nintendo’s YouTube War on Let’s Players

Nintendo making questionable decisions? Perish the thought! This time, the “Big N” goes after YouTubers who promote their games via Let’s Play videos. Is this the right move? How will the gaming community respond? Find out in the following video!

Nintendo's YouTube War on Let's Players

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Interview with Fraser Agar, Creator and Host of ‘Video Games AWESOME!’

Ultra Mega Death Ray had the pleasure to speak with Fraser Agar. He is well-known for his online shows Video Games AWESOME! as well as the previously conceived Awesome Video Games. His friends Ben, Kyle, and Deacon as well as girlfriend Becky are frequently part of his productions.

AVG was a skit show that followed two boys (played by Ben and Kyle) who loved NES games and their dad (played by Deacon). It was shot as a parody to over-the-top video game commercials of the 80’s (view first episode).

VGA, on the other hand, focuses on Fraser and his friends playing games to a live chat room. Trolling and snarky humor is a big part of the show’s humor and appeal.

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