Interview with Founder Yamilia Avendano

I had a great time chatting up with my friend and Twinfinite head honcho Yamilia Avendano or “Yami” for short. Check out the interview as we talk about the start of her love of video games, how Twinfinite came to be, and how women are portrayed in video games!

Don’t forget to also watch the bonus videos where we get into the controversial topic on video games being considered art as well as bonus questions on our favorite games of the generation, the next gen console war, and memorable video game soundtracks!

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Hyper Japan 2013 – Bigger and Better

Hyper Japan 2013

On Saturday 27th August 2013 I was at Hyper Japan 2013, on behalf of the anime blog Anime Aura. Hyper Japan is different from the normal anime conventions (MCM London Comic Con, Scotland MCM Expo, AyaCon, One-Con, London’s Anime Con, etc) in the way that this is all about Japanese food and culture while anime/manga/Japenese games are more of an extra.

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What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Arcade Machines

Wikipedia is an amazing resource, but it isn’t the be all and end all of information. You can see the Wikipedia article on arcade machines here. Here are some things you won’t find there!

Arcade machines are still being manufactured in this day and age, however with the invention of consoles, the way they are being made has changed. They don’t have the original thick and bulky low-resolution arcade screens anymore and come with TFT, LCD or any of the latest monitors that you can find on the general market. They do, however, still look and function like the original arcade machines.

Injustice Gods Among Us arcade machine

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How video game consoles changed the arcade gaming scene

NES Video Games Console

Long gone are the times of going to the arcades and playing on your favourite game, sometimes even waiting in long queues so you can part with your coins for those precious minutes of gaming. Gaming was like going to the cinema or seeing a theatrical performance, it wasn’t on-demand.

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Violent Video Games to Burn in Connecticut

UPDATE: The burning has been called off! A statement was released by the SouthingtonSOS group during this announcement.

“Our mission was to create strong awareness in Southington for parents and families and citizens and children. And we accomplished that. Our other objective was to promote discussion of violent video games and media with children and with the families at the home. And we’ve accomplished that in spades.”

If you ask me, it sounds like the group bit off more than they could chew. With all the press that surrounded this story as well as negative viewpoints from gamers and opponents against video games alike, we can only assume they couldn’t (pardon the pun) handle the heat.


In a mere five days, a pile of video games and movies will go up in flames for (what else?) THE CHILDREN!

"Won't somebody PLEASE think of the children!?"

SouthingtonSOS, a group formed in the wake of the Sandy Hook School shooting, have a burning of violent media scheduled for January 12th. This includes video games, movies, and CDs. It will be a “buy back” program which compensates people submitting these items with gift certificates for family friendly activities.

Is this yet another claim that violence in video games causes violence in real life? According to Southington YMCA executive director John Meyers, this event is about something more than that.

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Ultra Mega Death Ray “Best of 2012”

Ultra Mega Death Ray "Best of 2012"

It’s that time of year and boy what a year it has been! There have been loads to talk about and cover yet only a handful can be at the top of the most impactful throughout these past 12 months.

Ross, Quan, and I have made our choices for the following categories that represents a year full of epic games, awesome flicks, and loads of surprises. So, without further adieu, here are our categories and responses for the best of 2012!

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