Top 5: Evil Laughs

All too often, the one thing that can give away that you’re an evil bastard is in the laugh. It could be anything between a cackling howl to a menacing snicker. Either way, we know you’re up to no good.

This Top 5 is a salute to those whose chuckles chill our bones. These laughs could be infectious enough to drives us into madness. Other times, they’re just so memorable that you can instantly spot it out. Without further delay, let’s roll out the laugh track!

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Top 5: Chainsaws in Video Games

Few weapons in video games are as terrifying as the chainsaw. First finding popularity after the classic slasher flick The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this common logging tool has become a staple in the horror genre both in movies and games.

If you’re going to put the fear of God into someone, just rev up that engine and watch them scramble. On the flip side, few things can make you soil your pants than seeing a maniac whipping one around at you.

Considering how close we are to Halloween, this would be a perfect moment to look back at the best uses of this iconic symbol of “gorror”. This is the top 5 video game chainsaws!

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Top 5: Video Game Sidekicks

After my bitching and complaining about having a sidekick in Resident Evil 6, it seems like a good time as any to praise those who excel in this role. These are the often unsung heroes who make searching for treasure or saving the galaxy a lot less lonely. They may be a love interest, best friend, or programmed to be loyal, it doesn’t matter. These characters got your back.

In order to make this list, each character has to be:

  • in a video game
  • physically there with you (disembodied voices need not apply)
  • someone who can hold their own (no damsels in distress or escort mission fodder)

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Top 5: Internet Memes

When coming up with the idea for this list, I don’t think it really hit me until later on just what I was dealing with. Memes have become a large part of the Internet culture that can be used for simple humor or even clever advertising (Snakes on a Plane). We’re here to choose the ones that were memorable and made us laugh the most.

As always, please respect the choices made here and let us know your favorite memes in the comments below!

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Top 5: Video Game Soundtracks

Picking the greatest music in gaming history is surprisingly difficult. While forming this list, I kept finding more tracks that really made a game worth playing through. This just goes to show how there’s plenty of amazing music that can be found in this form of entertainment.

I purposefully left out music based games like Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero since those soundtracks are filled with licensed music that already existed. This is focused specifically on soundtracks that are uniquely made and put together for their respective titles. As always, please respect the choices made and let us know your favorites in the poll and comments below!

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Top 5: Batman Movie Villains

With Batman fans catching midnight screenings of The Dark Knight Rises tonight, this is a great opportunity to look back at the most memorable big screen villains. The only rules here are that each character had to be a villain in some theatrical release. Choices are also made primarily by the actors themselves so two different performances of the same character are possible (ie: Joker and Catwoman). As always, please respect the choices made and feel free to share with us your choices in the comments below.

5. Mr. Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

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Top 5: Characters You Wouldn’t Want to Meet in the Dark

Time for another top 5 list! Today we’re going over the characters who you wouldn’t want to run into in a dark alley. These folks would make the Boogeyman quake in his boots. If there’s one friend these people have in common, it’s a shadow. Lets jump right to it!

Any form of media goes which means we’ll be pulling from video games, movies, comics, and so on. Remember, this list is purely opinionated so respect the choices. Feel free to comment below with who you would pick.

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