Battlefield: Hardline Beta Weekend Review



I was pumped to see this title come up for beta on my Xbox one console and immediately queued it up for download. My usual console buddies jumped at the chance to try it out as well. We all were impressed with the gameplay trailer a few months earlier. We’ve played hundreds of hours in Call of Duty games but most recently had concentrated on Battlefield 4. After a short break from that title, getting the squad back together seemed like a great idea. Besides, who didn’t grow up playing cops and robbers?

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Vita TV and Phone Bloks! – UMDR Roundtable – 9/15/13

This week’s Roundtable has our heroes explaining the possibilities with the Vita TV, scratching their heads over the PS4 Japanese launch date, and rejoicing over the ultimate smartphone, Phone Bloks!

Check out our off-topic video also where we briefly talk about the Sega Channel and Sega Nomad before a bad case of alcohol abuse occurs.

Vita TV and Phone Bloks! - UMDR Roundtable - 9/15/13

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UMDR Roundtable 6/23/13 with Ross and Quan!

The Ultra Mega Death Ray crew is together to give our take and spout nonsense on the latest in geek media!

UMDR Roundtable 6/23/13 with Ross & Quan

In our debut episode, we discuss the Xbone DRM changes, the next gen console preorder war, and Phil Fish of Fez fame letting Microsoft know how he really feels.

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