Interview with Founder Yamilia Avendano

I had a great time chatting up with my friend and Twinfinite head honcho Yamilia Avendano or “Yami” for short. Check out the interview as we talk about the start of her love of video games, how Twinfinite came to be, and how women are portrayed in video games!

Don’t forget to also watch the bonus videos where we get into the controversial topic on video games being considered art as well as bonus questions on our favorite games of the generation, the next gen console war, and memorable video game soundtracks!

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The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews Episode 2: UHF

In this episode of The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews, we’ll be looking at the impressive career of comedic musician “Weird Al” Yankovic focusing on his ’80s comedy opus, UHF. I’ll talk a little about the film’s background and why I recommend it. Then, I’ll cap off the episode by showing you how to recreate the infamous Twinkie Wiener Sandwich from the film. We got it all on UHF!

The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews is hosted and was created by David Rose of

POGO, a musical imagineer


Music has taken many directions in history, and in this new era, we have wizardry that has changed the way we listen to music in general.

Take Christopher Nicholas Bertke for instance, better known as the infamous POGO. Hailing from Perth Western, Australia, this saucey aussie has single handedly brought an old twist to a new generation of listeners.

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A Tribute to Street Fighter: 25 years of Hadoukens, Sonic Booms, and Spinning Bird Kicks

As an avid gamer of the early 90’s, Street Fighter had an impact on me the moment I played Street Fighter II. Here was this game unlike anything I ever played before. It’s just me and my opponent head-to-head to decide who would fall while the other stands triumphantly. It defined the way fighting games should be made even to this day. This is my personal look back on the now 25 year old Street Fighter phenomenon.

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Top 5: Video Game Soundtracks

Picking the greatest music in gaming history is surprisingly difficult. While forming this list, I kept finding more tracks that really made a game worth playing through. This just goes to show how there’s plenty of amazing music that can be found in this form of entertainment.

I purposefully left out music based games like Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero since those soundtracks are filled with licensed music that already existed. This is focused specifically on soundtracks that are uniquely made and put together for their respective titles. As always, please respect the choices made and let us know your favorites in the poll and comments below!

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The Humble Music Bundle is discounted music to your ears

Frugal gamers may already be aware of the Humble Indie Bundle that offers great titles roughly every half year. Just name your price, divvy up that amount amongst the developers, charities, and site organizers, then download. So far, there have been nine of these bundles which has earned more than $15 million. Considering this success, the site organizers have now decided to try a similar formula with the Humble Music Bundle.

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Deadmau5 and Beck get their game (and groove!) on in ‘Sound Shapes’

Music rhythm games have been successful enough to the point where we have seen an influx of them flooding the market lately. Thankfully, developer Queasy Games is looking to place their own stamp down on the genre with the help of artists like house music DJ Deadmau5 and multi-platinum singer-songwriter Beck.

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