Lucy Review


The initial thought going into this was finally a film where Scarlett could be a superhero without being the Black Widow. I was a bit skeptical also because it wasn’t needed in a sense that she was already an Avenger. This film took me by storm. It’s all calm at first then hits you in a way you never expect. There was a moment where I felt like I was watching either Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman or COSMOS with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Lets dive a little further into the breakdown of Lucy.



Scarlett Johansson (The Avengers, Ghost World)

Morgan Freeman (Se7en, The Shawshank Redemption)

What did I like about it?

The mind was blown in a way I can’t really describe. I like movies that make me think. The only way this film could be any better is if Neil deGrasse Tyson joined Morgan Freeman in conversation about the mind and universe. Seriously, this movie read like an episode of Through the Wormhole with Johansson being a badass throughout the entire movie. It’s like having a free acid trip while someone narrates what going on in your mind.

What didn’t I like about it?

The beginning was a bit slow. I was waiting for something big to happen, that one plot changing moment when things start to get better or worse. For me, it doesn’t pick up until the scene where she was chained to the wall and the drug kicked in. That was a good 15-20 minutes into the film. From there, it only got better. High concept films, like this one, can make or break it.


Would I buy/watch again?

This film is worth adding to my collection. I get into scientific documentaries about the universe and the human psyche. Completely high concept but worth it. The film truly was an experience.

Favorite part (if any)?

When the drug first kicked in. Watching that transformation with the digital rendering of the cells reacting to the drug and her body reacting to it.


Yes. Morgan Freeman, enough said. Also, if you are into documentaries about the universe and/or the human psyche, this should work for you.


Last Words?

This movie was amazing. It will leave you thinking about everything. There could be a chance for a sequel, possibly expanding on Morgan Freeman’s character where he could take what he has learned and go further with it. A drug like that, surely someone else has eyes on it and not just the antagonist of the first film. Freeman and Johansson did a great job. People should definitely watch this film.

Ultra Mega Death Ray “Best of 2012”

Ultra Mega Death Ray "Best of 2012"

It’s that time of year and boy what a year it has been! There have been loads to talk about and cover yet only a handful can be at the top of the most impactful throughout these past 12 months.

Ross, Quan, and I have made our choices for the following categories that represents a year full of epic games, awesome flicks, and loads of surprises. So, without further adieu, here are our categories and responses for the best of 2012!

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‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Review: Charm and Laughs for Gamers and Non-Gamers Alike

The Disney animated love letter to gamers has arrived! Wreck-It Ralph is finally in theaters and making a wrecking of its own at the box office with almost $50 million made over the weekend already. Those of us who grew up with video games were drawn to the many cameos and arcade-like scenery. Does the film stand up on its legs, however, when the nostalgia and glamorizing of our childhood is all said and done? Can viewers who may not know the likes of Bowser, Zangief, and Q*bert appreciate it all the same?

Enthusiastically, I can say that no matter if you’re a gamer young, old, or not at all, Wreck-It Ralph has the kind of humor that will tickle that funny bone and maybe even shed a few tears along the way.

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Michael Bay on decision to tackle ‘Transformers 4’, Doesn’t want someone else to “screw it up”

Oh, Michael Bay. You never cease to confound and annoy fanbases everywhere. While getting the Ninja Turtles script situation figured out, the infamous director explained why he’s on board for the next Transformers movie. The plan was to release the three previous films then reboot with a new cast and crew. I guess Bay isn’t quite ready yet to unhook those claws. Just when fans of the franchise thought they were out, he pulls us back in.

When does the hurting stop?

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A Tribute to Street Fighter: 25 years of Hadoukens, Sonic Booms, and Spinning Bird Kicks

As an avid gamer of the early 90’s, Street Fighter had an impact on me the moment I played Street Fighter II. Here was this game unlike anything I ever played before. It’s just me and my opponent head-to-head to decide who would fall while the other stands triumphantly. It defined the way fighting games should be made even to this day. This is my personal look back on the now 25 year old Street Fighter phenomenon.

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‘ParaNorman’ is a flawed Halloween classic with a good message

The holidays always seem to arrive sooner than you think. ParaNorman, the new 3D stop-motion animated feature by the creators of Coraline, is our first theatrical reminder that Halloween season is coming. Does it bring the scares along with some laughs to entertain kids and adults alike?

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