An “Irrational” Decision?

Ken Levine

There was much confusion and sadness surrounding the news that Irrational Games, the studio behind BioShock and BioShock Infinite, will be “winding down” leading to layoffs for all but 15 employees. Co-founder and creative director Ken Levine has been somewhat ambiguous for his reasons stating that he’ll be “starting a smaller, more entrepreneurial endeavor” in order to focus on “narrative-driven games for the core gamer that are highly replayable.” Is the reasoning behind this decision to downsize operations sound or does Mr. Levine have more to answer for ending a beloved games studio?

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BioShock Creator Ken Levine Penning Logan’s Run Remake

Still waiting on that BioShock Infinite DLC? You’re not the only one. These days, we expect extra content to be released shortly after the full game is out. That’s just been the business model lately. Now it seems like we may have our answer as to why this is taking so long.

Warner Bros has decided to hire Irrational Games Creative Director Ken Levine to write the script for a remake of Logan’s Run that’s been in the works since the mid 90’s. This has been considered a “passion project” by Levine as he assured BioShock Infinite fans that he is still focused on getting extra content out.

BioShock Creator Ken Levine Penning Logan's Run Remake

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‘BioShock Infinite’ to NOT have Multiplayer (but should it?)

Franchises that have started off as strong single player experiences have lately dipped into multiplayer as sequels have been released. These end up having some mixed results ranging from Mass Effect 3 (surprisingly fun) to Dead Space 2 (borderline piss-poor).

After the original BioShock was released with its amazing setting and gameplay that had you mixing guns with plasmid powers, the sequel dared trying to implement these elements into a multiplayer experience. This ended up being largely forgotten and tarnished the young franchise with an entry that wasn’t even developed by 2K Boston, the team behind the original game.

BioShock 2 multiplayer

Ken Levine, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Irrational Games (formerly 2K Boston), has now confirmed that the highly anticipated BioShock Infinite will not feature any multiplayer modes at all (including co-op). This has been widely seen as a positive move according to a lot of the fans. I’m wondering though… shouldn’t they at least try?

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‘BioShock Infinite’ gets delayed, will be a no-show at E3

Testing the motto “good things come to those who wait”, Irrational Games announced that the release date for the highly anticipated BioShock Infinite has been pushed back. The worldwide launch for the title is now officially set for February 26th, 2013.

Ken Levine, Creative Director for Irrational, had this to say in regards to the delay.

“When we announced the release date of BioShock Infinite in March, we felt pretty good about the timing. Since then, we’ve uncovered opportunities to make Infinite into something even more extraordinary. Therefore, to give our talented team the time they need to deliver the best Infinite possible, we’ve decided to move the game’s release to February.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Mr. Levine also let out that the title will not be making an appearance at major gaming events. This includes E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) and GamesCom. The reasoning behind this move is so, according to Mr. Levine, the next time we see BioShock Infinite “it will be essentially the product we intend to put in the box.”

I’m personally psyched for this title being a huge fan of the original BioShock that came out in 2007. Considering how many other quality titles are coming out this year, waiting longer for Infinite is fine by me. As long as the boys at Irrational come out with the best product possible then we should all be okay with this news. We don’t need a “rush job” bringing the franchise down lower than the previous entry!