The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews Episode 10: Batman – Mask of the Phantasm

It’s episode 10 of The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews! Back in the very first episode, we took a look at the 2008 blockbuster, The Dark Knight, so in commemoration, we’re going to dip back into the Batman discs with this classic cinematic spin-off of Batman: The Animated Series. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm weaves an action-packed mystery story around Batman, Joker, and a ghostly crime boss killer running amok in Gotham City. We’ll look at the film plus get a little inside info on Batman: The Animated Series, the beloved cartoon show that inspired this film.

The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews is hosted and was created by David Rose of

The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews Episode 1: The Dark Knight

Welcome to The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews – an ongoing web series where movies are celebrated, not incinerated! After the endless hate and mockery towards movies that circulates on the Internet nowadays, why not dedicate a show to a love of cinema? Weird, huh?

In each episode, I grab a movie off my own DVD shelf, discuss the film’s background, highlight its DVD/Blu-ray special features and end on why I recommend it. So, I figured the first episode should feature a movie that isn’t hard to like—the 2008 summer blockbuster The Dark Knight.

The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews is hosted and was created by David Rose of

‘Arkham City’ Sequel to Potentially Feature the Justice League and No New DC Films til 2015

As a possible leader to the more-likely-than-ever Justice League movie, details are emerging on what could possibly be the follow up to the 2011 smash hit Batman: Arkham City. Variety is reporting that Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, as a part of a mandate from Time Warner, is expected to reteam a number of DC characters for Rocksteady’s next DC based game. According to Variety the yet to be titled game is to be set in the ‘Silver Age’ era with Batman’s first introduction to the Joker.

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