Interview with Max Scoville of Rev3Games!

I sit down and chat with Rev3’s own Max Scoville about The Comedy Button, raccoons, and Marvel vs Star Wars!

Also keep watching below for BONUS videos where we talk about Maximum Carnage, The Simpsons, and BEES!

Interview with Max Scoville of Revision3 Games!

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Interview with Yanier “Niero” Gonzalez, Founder of ‘Destructoid’

Having someone that made it big to look up to helps when trying to develop your craft in something as competitive as game journalism. We here at Ultra Mega Death Ray had the privilege to speak with someone who perfectly fills that slot as a role model.

“Oh hai, Niero!”

Yanier Gonzalez, better known by his childhood nickname “Niero“, is the mastermind behind one of the most widely read video game news sites, Destructoid. This site, along with others he produced like Flixist (movies), Japanator (anime), and Tomopop (toy collecting), all fall under his Modern Method parent company. The combination of these channels has grown to receive over 300 million page views and 4 million unique visitors per month since 2006.

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