The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews Episode 13: Christopher Nolan’s Following

In this episode, we’ll be taking a look at the very first film from director Christopher Nolan, Following – a black and white thriller that set the stage for his later hit films including Memento, The Dark Knight, and Inception. And if this episode seems a little bizarre, don’t adjust your monitors – I’ve just barrowed some of Nolan’s signature time manipulation tricks to help tell his story.

The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews is hosted and was created by David Rose of

The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews Episode 1: The Dark Knight

Welcome to The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews – an ongoing web series where movies are celebrated, not incinerated! After the endless hate and mockery towards movies that circulates on the Internet nowadays, why not dedicate a show to a love of cinema? Weird, huh?

In each episode, I grab a movie off my own DVD shelf, discuss the film’s background, highlight its DVD/Blu-ray special features and end on why I recommend it. So, I figured the first episode should feature a movie that isn’t hard to like—the 2008 summer blockbuster The Dark Knight.

The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews is hosted and was created by David Rose of

UMDR Roundtable – 7/7/13

The UMDR crew get together to talk about the latest news in geek media!

This series of videos has us talking about the Wii U being left behind in the next gen console race, Christian Bale not planning to be in the Justice League movie, crazy alternate names for the Xbox, drama surrounding The Lone Ranger, and more! Be sure to hit up DAT PLAYLIST for future parts as they’re uploaded.

UMDR Roundtable - 7/7/13

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‘The Dark Knight Rises’ up to high expectations and provides an epic end to the Nolan trilogy

Well, this is it. The Christopher Nolan run of Batman films has reached its climax. Batman Begins started the ride with a grand retelling of the caped crusader’s origins. Next we were treated to the ultimate battle of wits with The Joker as portrayed by the late Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. Now The Dark Knight Rises brings in Bane, a man with a plan to become Gotham City’s reckoning and dispose of Batman once and for all in the process.

NOTE: This review will be as spoiler free as possible.

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