Battlefield: Hardline Beta Weekend Review



I was pumped to see this title come up for beta on my Xbox one console and immediately queued it up for download. My usual console buddies jumped at the chance to try it out as well. We all were impressed with the gameplay trailer a few months earlier. We’ve played hundreds of hours in Call of Duty games but most recently had concentrated on Battlefield 4. After a short break from that title, getting the squad back together seemed like a great idea. Besides, who didn’t grow up playing cops and robbers?

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First Impressions of the ‘God of War: Ascension’ Multiplayer Beta

'God of War: Ascension' beta

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for God of War fans! Those of you who have PlayStation Plus might like to know that the multiplayer beta for God of War: Ascension is available right now. Being a fan of the franchise, I gave it a go myself to see what it’s all about. Check out the video and my thoughts below!

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