Vita TV and Phone Bloks! – UMDR Roundtable – 9/15/13

This week’s Roundtable has our heroes explaining the possibilities with the Vita TV, scratching their heads over the PS4 Japanese launch date, and rejoicing over the ultimate smartphone, Phone Bloks!

Check out our off-topic video also where we briefly talk about the Sega Channel and Sega Nomad before a bad case of alcohol abuse occurs.

Vita TV and Phone Bloks! - UMDR Roundtable - 9/15/13

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2DS Unveiling, Ultron Casted, the End of the Miyazaki Era and MORE! – UMDR Roundtable – 9/1/13

In this week’s Roundtable, we talk about some huge announcements made by Nintendo, James Spader stepping into the villainous robotic role of Ultron, Studio Ghibli losing their big name filmmaker, a new show by the creator of Cowboy Bebop, and a special discussion about the BioShock Infinite ending!

As always, keep an eye out for DAT PLAYLIST as new parts are added.

UMDR Roundtable - 9/1/13

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Batfleck, Pirates of the Caribbean 5, and Katee Sackhoff for Harley Quinn! – UMDR Roundtable – 8/25/13

We kicked off this week of news with the huge announcement that Ben Affleck will play as Batman followed up by a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie in the works, the next Star Wars film being shot in 35mm, an actress throws in her bid to play as Harley Quinn on screen, and the new XCOM game coming out!

UMDR Roundtable - 8/25/13

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5 FOR 5 with Ross and Quan!

Dave is a little MIA at the moment so Ross and Quan take it upon themselves to give you the latest in geek media!

In this premiere episode of 5 FOR 5, we talk about Google Chromecast, Marvel’s Infinity series, the latest game releases, the Flashpoint animated movie, and Vevo.