Batfleck, Pirates of the Caribbean 5, and Katee Sackhoff for Harley Quinn! – UMDR Roundtable – 8/25/13

We kicked off this week of news with the huge announcement that Ben Affleck will play as Batman followed up by a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie in the works, the next Star Wars film being shot in 35mm, an actress throws in her bid to play as Harley Quinn on screen, and the new XCOM game coming out!

UMDR Roundtable - 8/25/13

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Wii U Sales, Venom Movie, and a Legend of Zelda Movie Pitch! – UMDR Roundtable – 8/4/13

We have a fresh new batch of stories for ya this week!¬†Join us as we discuss about the Wii U’s future after some disappointing recent sales figures, Venom potentially getting his own movie in The Amazing Spider-Man 4, The Legend of Zelda animated movie that never came to be, and more!

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UMDR Roundtable - 8/4/13

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Phil Fish, Star Wars, and a new Batman! – UMDR Roundtable – 7/28/13

This week’s Roundtable goes over a whole new slew of topics including how indie developer Phil Fish erupted on Twitter, Ryan Gosling and Zac Efron auditioning for Star Wars: Episode VII, and a new Batman potentially being cast!

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UMDR Roundtable - 7/28/13

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UMDR Roundtable – 7/21/13

With all the Comic-Con news, there isn’t a shortage of things to talk about. We kick off this week with the Man of Steel sequel starring Batman followed by the Avengers sequel, The Simpsons crossing over with Family Guy, and a new Godzilla movie!

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UMDR Roundtable - 7/21/13

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UMDR Roundtable – 7/14/13 – X-Force, Gay Spider-Man, Wii Sex Bets, and More!

We kick off this week’s Roundtable with a massive look into every possibility on the recently announced X-Force movie! The rest of the week covers Microsoft’s relationship with the NSA, Andrew Garfield wanting a gay Spider-Man, and a couple making sexual bets while playing Wii games.

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UMDR Roundtable - 7/14/13

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UMDR Roundtable – 7/7/13

The UMDR crew get together to talk about the latest news in geek media!

This series of videos has us talking about the Wii U being left behind in the next gen console race, Christian Bale not planning to be in the Justice League movie, crazy alternate names for the Xbox, drama surrounding The Lone Ranger, and more! Be sure to hit up DAT PLAYLIST for future parts as they’re uploaded.

UMDR Roundtable - 7/7/13

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UMDR Roundtable – 6/30/13

The Ultra Mega Death Ray crew is here to give you your weekly dose of geek media news! The first three parts has us talking about a kid getting arrested for making a joke while playing League of Legends, Microsoft dropping their update fees, and Google looking to make a splash in the console gaming market!

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UMDR Roundtable - 6/30/13

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