Interview with Max Scoville of Rev3Games!

I sit down and chat with Rev3’s own Max Scoville about The Comedy Button, raccoons, and Marvel vs Star Wars!

Also keep watching below for BONUS videos where we talk about Maximum Carnage, The Simpsons, and BEES!

Interview with Max Scoville of Revision3 Games!

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Interview with Matt from Two Best Friends Play

I had a fun time talking with Matt AKA one half of the Two Best Friends Play duo. We talk about the inner workings of the show, his friend Woolie’s story about giving up sex for a video game, and the Nintendo vs Lets Players fiasco! Be sure to also check out the bonus video where we go off on our childhood memories of wrestling!

Interview with Matt from Two Best Friends Play

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Ad-blockers vs Quality Writing: Perils of the modern-day journalist

After reading through a very poignant article on, it reminded me the sad state that the industry I know and love is currently in.

This particular piece reflects on how difficult it is for gaming media sites to stay afloat thanks to the rapidly increasing use of ad-blocking software. A lot of us who are web-savvy and use these plug-ins may not even realize half the time how we’re actually hurting the sites we visit by not enabling ads to be shown.

Just say "No" to ad-blockers!

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Attention Hulu fans: The gravy train might be coming to an end

Those looking to cut cable by solely relying on Hulu or other streaming services may be in for a rude awakening…

Providence Equality Partners, who owns Hulu along with News Corp, Disney and Comcast, has announced plans to cash out Hulu over the next five years. At the same time, owners News Corp and Comcast plan to start talks over authentication and it’s implementation. Authentication means that you will have to have an active cable subscription in order to access Hulu’s streaming content. The reason behind this authentication business is because of cable companies and networks looking to protect their content and profit from it. The system being proposed for authentication is called TVAnywhere and while it may take a couple of years to implement, it’s looking like the major stakeholders in Hulu are making a major push in this direction.

What does this mean for the likes of you and me? Well for the time being, not much. Hulu still operates the way it always did but that may soon change. Authentication for certain networks and shows already exist, such as TNT or HBO/HBO Go. It appears as if this is the move that will be made regardless because both cable companies and networks are leaking money at the seams and need to protect themselves in order to stay viable. In the near future though, if you’ve already cut the cord on cable, you may have to sign back up to access your favorite shows.

Source: NY Post

Why paying more than $3 for an HDMI cable is stupid

Remember 10 years ago when Monster Cables were like, THE thing to have? They claimed all kinds of magical benefits from the use of gold plated RCA connectors, special wire that reduced signal loss, and top of the line shielding to kill of interference? These types of cable usually costed somewhere between $75-$100 for just one set, and really made no discernible difference outside of a lab…

I was walking through a local electronics store the other day and I specifically walked by the cable section, just so I could laugh at the outrageous prices on cables and connectors. To my horror and dismay, I again found the Monster brand HDMI cable at a WHOPPING $100! While I’m not surpirsed at the ridiculous markup, I am shocked that people actually BUY them.

Contrary to popular belief, you never really need those ‘extra special’ cables and ESPECIALLY not with HDMI.

See it’s very simple. HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. HDMI is a digital signal sent from the unit to the TV carrying both audio and video signals. The way HDMI works, it can only send the signal one type of way. Either it works or it doesn’t (there is a broken option here but then its just messed up, spend the $3 and replace it). Here’s the layman’s guide guys: There is no difference between a $3 cable on Amazon or eBay and the $100 Monster HDMI cable. Shocking, right?

Do me a favor, buy the $3 cable and save yourself some money. Or if you want to spend some extra cash, please, send us a check for $97 😉