Flappy Bird Clones from Worst to Best

I’m just going to say right off the bat that I don’t get the appeal of Flappy Bird. There have been other games of this same “side-scrolling endless runner” genre that have done it a lot better as you are about to see in the list below. The controls are terrible as your bird drops like a rock and the pipes you have to avoid seem strangely familiar to anyone who has played a Super Mario Bros game. Is it because you play as a bird and they’re the hot animal of choice for mobile games? Who knows.

"You love me! You really love me! .... Why?"

“You love me! You really love me! …. Why?”

Now with the popular app taken down by its creator for largely unknown reasons, it’s time to look at alternatives to satisfy that itch. There are so many copycats out there but these are the five titles I have the most personal experience playing.

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5 FOR 5 with Ross and Quan!

Dave is a little MIA at the moment so Ross and Quan take it upon themselves to give you the latest in geek media!

In this premiere episode of 5 FOR 5, we talk about Google Chromecast, Marvel’s Infinity series, the latest game releases, the Flashpoint animated movie, and Vevo.

Interview with Game Designer David Mullich

It’s not often you get to talk to someone who has experience in the games industry since it began. Watch as I speak with legendary game designer David Mullich about The Prisoner, Ducktales, and his thoughts on the future of video games!

Interview with Game Designer David Mullich

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Latest issue of ‘Saga’ banned by Apple due to “gay sex” according to creator

UPDATE: Comixology CEO David Steinberger made a blog post clarifying the controversy in this story. Here’s a piece of what he had to say.

“It should be clear that Apple did not reject Saga #12.”

“After hearing from Apple this morning, we can say that our interpretation of its policies was mistaken. You’ll be glad to know that Saga #12 will be available on our App Store app soon.”


The man behind hugely popular series like Y: The Last Man and the currently running Saga, Brian K. Vaughan, is no stranger to explicit content. Depictions of sex, violence, and nudity in his comics tend to push boundaries harder than anyone else would dare. Now, it seems Apple has decided to take action by banning issue #12 of Saga.

Latest issue of Saga banned by Apple due to "gay sex" according to creator

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Cliff Bleszinski states video game industry in “massive state of turmoil”

Despite now being retired, Gears of War creator and game designer Cliff Bleszinski has kept himself relatively busy these days. For one thing, he’s still very much active in the gaming industry including acting as the keynote speaker at the 2013 East Coast Games Conference today. It was at this event that the man so fondly known as “Cliffy B” let it be known that if he was to come out of retirement, now would not be the time.

Cliffy B states video game industry in "massive state of turmoil"

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What ‘Destiny’ is (and could be) all about

It’s officially out there. Bungie, the creators of the much acclaimed Halo franchise, have officially unveiled their new IP. Titled Destiny, this new sci-fi foray aims to not only match the quality found in their previous games, but to surpass it.


Make no mistake, this is an ambitious project. Bungie has a 10 year plan in motion for Destiny that looks to have a major effect on console gaming as well as the mobile market. Not only that, every attempt to categorize it has been shot down as well. Is it a first-person shooter? MMO? According to the studio, it’s in a genre all on its own classified as a “shared world shooter” which combines elements of the aforementioned archetypes.

So, what is it exactly? What’s Destiny even about? Are Bungie in over their heads? How ambitious can this get? Let’s dive into what we do know and speculate on what this could all mean for the foreseeable future.

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Ultra Mega Death Ray “Best of 2012”

Ultra Mega Death Ray "Best of 2012"

It’s that time of year and boy what a year it has been! There have been loads to talk about and cover yet only a handful can be at the top of the most impactful throughout these past 12 months.

Ross, Quan, and I have made our choices for the following categories that represents a year full of epic games, awesome flicks, and loads of surprises. So, without further adieu, here are our categories and responses for the best of 2012!

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