Insomnia Fueled Movie Reviews: Snowpiercer


Sometimes I can’t sleep. Sometimes when I can’t sleep I decide to spend an hour and a half with one of my best friends, Netflix. This night, my cursor landed on Snowpiercer. This post-apocalyptic train ride takes place during some far-flung future’s latest ice age. I’ll admit to never hearing of this movie until Neurotic Nick and Bob Prime brought it up on Facebook. I found it surprising to see that it stars a cadre of well-known actors. Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, John Hurt, Octavia Spencer, and Ed Harris go to war on this ice-breaking engine that could.


The lead-in tugs at the emotions and lets us into the world at the back of the train. The people exist in squalor at the whim of those in charge. John Hurt assumes the role of mentor or leader for the rear-dwelling passengers with Chris Evans thrust into the role of hero. A day in the life shows these people living with daily inspections while subsisting on protein bars that most resemble blocks of tar. Soon “Mason”, played by Tilda Swinton, shows up along with a mysterious woman in bright yellow. Measuring the children of the lower class as and stealing two away towards the engine and its creator, Wilford (Ed Harris).

This turns into the tipping point and we are soon thrust head-first into a great deal of action. Things escalate with some well choreographed fight scenes and some great scenic shots as the Snowpiercer speeds along the tracks. The wasteland outside the train is pretty spectacular. In between a dismemberment and an eye gouge you catch some glimpses of what was once civilization encased in ice and snow. It’s beautiful as long as you don’t think of the assumed uninhabitable temperatures.The route the train is on laps five continents and even the knowledge of where they are plays a part in the fight sequences.


This movie surprised me. I expected low-budget cheese, but instead enjoyed a well put together sci-fi/action flick. It is a thoroughly enjoyable battle to the finish. The list of stars speak to the acting and I can’t remember a movie I’ve enjoyed more as a first time view on Netflix. I’d recommend loading this one up if you enjoy the genre and a subscription.