Flappy Bird Clones from Worst to Best

I’m just going to say right off the bat that I don’t get the appeal of Flappy Bird. There have been other games of this same “side-scrolling endless runner” genre that have done it a lot better as you are about to see in the list below. The controls are terrible as your bird drops like a rock and the pipes you have to avoid seem strangely familiar to anyone who has played a Super Mario Bros game. Is it because you play as a bird and they’re the hot animal of choice for mobile games? Who knows.

"You love me! You really love me! .... Why?"

“You love me! You really love me! …. Why?”

Now with the popular app taken down by its creator for largely unknown reasons, it’s time to look at alternatives to satisfy that itch. There are so many copycats out there but these are the five titles I have the most personal experience playing.

5. Ironpants


More like “Shitmypants”

As clear as I’ve made it how much I dislike Flappy Bird, I’ll go on record to say that I hate Ironpants even more. The game moves too fast to even be considered remotely fair. On top of that, your character falls WAY too quickly. It’s almost like he’s wearing trousers of a certain metal or something (although if you go by his sprite, whether he’s wearing pants at all is debatable).┬áSimply put, this is a classic case of emulation gone wrong.

4. Flappy Bee

Not a care (or shred of integrity) in the world

Not a care (or shred of integrity) in the world

Fun fact, Flappy Bee is actually called Happy Bee but went through a name change in the App Store to try and capitalize on the success of its avian cousin. I would consider it a ripoff if there was any challenge at all. Seriously, this is the easiest (and most boring) game on this list. There are no obstacles to avoid. The whole idea of the game is to simply collect honey from flowers until your mind goes numb over the godawful “happy-go-lucky” music that loops without mercy. The only way to die is by going off screen which can be hard to do with Flappy Bee’s floaty controls. The most annoying part, however, are the incessant ads that can bombard your screen even while playing; a cardinal sin for mobile games.

3. FatSquirrel


Check out deez nuts!

Made by Hiptic Games, FatSquirrel is the developer’s shot at taking over Flappy Bird’s top spot. One thing that immediately leaped out at me when playing is it controls a lot better than the other clones out there. Every game of this type should have you click and hold to move up as opposed to tapping on your screen furiously. There’s a good leisurely pace that FatSquirrel moves in also. The problem (and difficulty) in the game lies in the sheer size of your character. As it currently stands, the game can feel frustratingly difficult for this fact.

As a personal fan of their past titles like GoNinja and Bravoman: Binja Bash, I’m honestly a little disappointed that Hiptic would just go with the hot trend. They have such a great art direction and polish to their games that I believe it would be better served towards something more original. I’ll keep my fingers crossed as they are one of those mobile game studios to keep an eye on for the future.

2. Helicopter

It's your grandpappy's endless runner

It’s your grandpappy’s endless runner

I remember Helicopter being one of the first Flash-based games I got hooked on during my school years. Like FatSquirrel, it boasts tight controls (click and hold to fly gets a thumbs up in my book) and has a good feel to it overall. Compared to most games of this genre, it moves pretty fast but not to a frustratingly so because of the aforementioned controls. Levels have a good variety to them as they’re randomly generated with green walls and tight spaces to maneuver through. It helps that your helicopter isn’t too big also.

1. Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride


Yes, I consider Jetpack Joyride to be in the same category. When you really break it down, this is a side-scrolling endless runner game but with so much content and variety that it can make you easily forget this fact. There are loads of power-ups such as a stomping mech and gravity suit. There’s also a buttload of items that can be unlocked to help you play the game the way you want. Obstacles are varied as well with spinning electrical barricades, tracking missiles, and lasers galore. That’s not to mention the slick and charming graphics coupled with music that legitimately gets me amped up every time. The studio Halfbrick could have easily just been “those Fruit Ninja guys” but really flexed their creative muscle with this fun gem that should be a staple in anyone’s mobile gaming library.

6 thoughts on “Flappy Bird Clones from Worst to Best

  1. I believe the creator said it had ruined his simple life and he couldn’t handle the attention. In any case, I agree- it’s a terrible game and Jetpack Joyride was also what first came to mind as a superior alternative.

  2. It’s a pretty poor excuse especially when he’s making $50k per day over the game. If you want a simple life, go use the money to buy a farm for yourself or something.

  3. You never know: it could have been one of those situations where all your relatives suddenly show up to tell you about their problems. Everyone wants their cut and everyone wants to be your “friend.”

  4. You forgot to mention these other notable Flappy Birds Clones:
    – Clumsy Bird
    – Splashy Fish
    – Amazing Cupid
    – Maverick Bird
    – Flappy Fish
    – Happy Poo Flap

  5. I’ve heard of the Happy Poo Flap one at least lol. I try to avoid playing any of these games but figured I’d go for a handful I knew for the sake of writing this.

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