What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Arcade Machines

Wikipedia is an amazing resource, but it isn’t the be all and end all of information. You can see the Wikipedia article on arcade machines here. Here are some things you won’t find there!

Arcade machines are still being manufactured in this day and age, however with the invention of consoles, the way they are being made has changed. They don’t have the original thick and bulky low-resolution arcade screens anymore and come with TFT, LCD or any of the latest monitors that you can find on the general market. They do, however, still look and function like the original arcade machines.

Injustice Gods Among Us arcade machine

Arcade cabinets are constantly changing and the top games producers are using cabinets to show off their latest games. A serious of custom-built arcade cabinets were used in exhibitions to showcase Injustice: Gods Among Us (see picture above).

Remember when Street Fighter machines only had Street Fighter on them? Now you can get machines with hundreds of games. In the UK, there are a few manufacturers who sell multi-game cabinets like Bespoke Arcades whom you can find here.

Did you also know that you can actually hook up your console to an arcade cabinet? Some manufacturers offer this as an add-on or you could just wire it up yourself.

Mobile games are also being ported onto their own dedicated arcade machines. I went to the AEG exhibition at the Excel Centre in London and saw a Temple Run machine where you jump and move to either side using a trackball as opposed to a touchscreen. You might be surprised by what you see if you visit a retro-gaming or entertainment exhibition.

The original manufacturers of the machines now just sell the games. You can actually find a lot of arcade games such as the Capcom Arcade Cabinet series on Android, iOS, Playstation Network, or other online platforms.

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