Xbox One Confirmed Details Rant + Roundtable Discussion with Matt, Pat, and Woolie

The Best Friends are back! This time, we discuss what we knew about the Xbox One leading up to E3 week BEFORE Microsoft gave confirmed details. Watch as I go over the latest about the “Xbone”, which console the guys think will win, and some epic Pat RAGE!

Xbox One Confirmed Details Rant + Roundtable Discussion with Matt, Pat, and Woolie

Xbox One confirmed details

22 thoughts on “Xbox One Confirmed Details Rant + Roundtable Discussion with Matt, Pat, and Woolie

  1. Microsoft has “gone and done it” for lack of a better term, with the Xbox One. Pat covered the issues, so I don’t need to repeat them again. I know I won’t be buying one, but sadly people will buy it and everyone will follow suit. This nonsense is the future.

  2. Hopefully with people like us telling it how it is with this thing, enough people will respond through their wallets. We can’t let this shit fly.

  3. Pat is a fucking smart, angry man <33

    I loved this! I hope you can set something up with them post-E3.
    Great interview.

  4. I think my biggest fear is that Sony has been so quiet because the PS4 is the same, If that happens then really the era of console gaming is pretty much dead, unless Nintendo can start making it’s first party titles, and gets some third party support. Because i am waiting to justify the Wii U I have already got.

  5. I want to say Sony already confirmed that they are not for DRM. They should have an opportunity to give the nitty gritty during E3, though.

  6. Is this cloud bullshit any different from back when the Jaguar came out? They may have mentioned it and I missed it, but companies love to throw around these fucking tech words to exploit the ignorant. “Our console is SIXTY-FOUR FUCKING BIT! That is SO many bits, that means by MATH, we’re the best!” And the console was ass! ASS, I tell you! It’s like Pat says (I identify with him rather a lot), it’s just fucking OFFENSIVE that they try to take advantage by throwing buzzwords around in what is nothing short of FALSE ADVERTISING. Isn’t there a law against that shit?! Goddamn! Ugh. Ah, well. As long as I can be secure as a member of the PC gaming master race, as good ol’ Yahtzee says.

    Anyways, awesome video, David, I look forward to more. Keep on doin’ whatcha do.

  7. It really does suck because I don’t have a great internet connection at my house. What if I can’t sign in because of a bad connection? What if the game I bought won’t download? One of the few games I have ever actually downloaded (The Walking Dead) took a few hours to download, and thats for like a 2-4 hour experience. How the hell am I supposed to download a 7-20 hour game when I can barely download a 2 hour one? And this whole idea about me having “PERMISSION” to play a game I bought makes me sick. Ughhh well it looks like my 12 year XBOX trend is over. Ya hear that Sony? You’re probably getting a new customer.

  8. rumors go around, that team xecuter will f*ck the one really hard in no time…

  9. I really think I need to hire Pat just to yell about things I don’t like.

    But seriously, it looks like the Xbox is really going to hell in a hand basket. It’s lucky that there aren’t many Xbox exclusives that I care about (Hopefully the next incarnation of State of Decay will make it to PC.)

    Well done on the video David. Really just confirms my hatred of the attempted exploitation of those who are oblivious to the technical blunders of the XBone.

  10. I love how you guys keep doing these, keep up the good work, and even my GF’s 8 year old Nephew knows how bad the Xbone is, keep up the good work!

  11. It just goes to show that Microsoft is unaware (or simply doesn’t care) on the fact that this country has one of the worst online infrastructures on the planet.

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