PAX East 2013: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

PAX East 2013

One of the more anticipated games on display at the PAX East show floor, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag had a closed theater presentation. The line leading to it was long but full of excited fans with one of the Frag Dolls keeping us entertained. This would be a first look at actual gameplay footage.

What we got was a number of questions answered in a brand new trailer that left a lot of us rushing to the Ubisoft preorder station.

Since having the chance to write this, the video shown to us has been released earlier than expected. See and enjoy for yourself!

So yeah, there’s lots to cover but luckily I have some notes revealed from PAX that the trailer doesn’t show here.

One thing that had me flipping over my pirate eye patch was fighting sharks underwater! It seems that the development team has really gone to great lengths to make swimming in the deep blue water as seamless as running on land. My only concern is if these events are made into cheap little quick time events a la fighting wolves in Assassin’s Creed III. Give us more ways to combat wild life instead of a simple two button process that I can do in my sleep. Fighting off wolves should be exhilarating and sharks even more so!



It also bugs me how we’re still in the dark as far as how the air supply system works. How can we swim so deep underwater without the luxury of scuba gear? Is that something the game will address? Is there some kind of magical gameplay element we don’t know about yet? Answers, Ubisoft. We want them!

As you can also tell from the trailer, the naval aspects of AC3 have been given more of a focus. You can still navigate the sea and fire your cannons to sink enemy ships. There will also the added ability to order your crew to throw grappling hooks and board these vessels to plunder treasures. The presentation made it clear that these sections will be seamless with you controlling your ship one moment then running and boarding the enemy’s at the next.

I feel a splitting headache coming along.

I feel a splitting headache coming along.

In order to do all these awesome things, you’re going to need a crew! The PAX presentation revealed the ability to amass together your own breed of swashbucklers through a rather interesting system. You cause bar fights!

That’s right. Just crack a few bottles of rum over the heads of unsuspecting “landlubbers” and they may feel so inclined to come on board. This will be something you may need to do throughout the game as activities like boarding enemy vessels or sailing through inclement weather can lose you some men.

Like a boss

Like a boss

There was also a stress on the fact that this is going to be an open world game in the truest sense. What this means is that there will be traveling around beyond just a few towns. There’s a great big open sea and mysterious islands full of treasures for the taking. Being able to move around and explore pretty much all of the Caribbean ought to make this the biggest game in the franchise we’ve seen yet.

Stealth was mentioned as being a focus in Black Flag as well. This has been an element in Assassin’s Creed that’s always been hinted at and used to a degree. This time, it seems like Ubisoft has listened to the fans and will employ the use of shadows and various sneaking elements to help you move around unnoticed. Will it be to the extent of something like Splinter Cell? I can only hope!

"Eat your heart out, Fisher!"

“Eat your heart out, Fisher!”

After watching the presentation, I was able to score an Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag shirt which people got for preordering at PAX East. I will be giving this away along with an inflatable cutlass sword, Splinter Cell sticker, and Watch Dogs lanyard. For a chance to win, visit our Twitter page @UltraMegaDeathR and retweet with the hashtag #UMDRblackflag. We will announce a winner next week!

Arrr! Ye want me treasure, eh? Over Captain Rondo's dead body!

Arrr! Ye want me treasure, eh? Over Captain Rondo’s dead body!

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