Will Joseph Gordon-Levitt bring “Justice” to the League? How does Wonder Woman fit into the mix?

Faster than a speeding… bullet? Not really but the news on the Justice League movie coming to theaters in 2015 has given us a lot to be hopeful for.


I’m sure a lot of you have already heard about Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the role he most likely will be playing according to HitFix. Plenty of Batman fans have either cheered or gritted your teeth at the idea of a young Batman / Bruce Wayne being played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. With the disbelief that circled around Heath Ledger in his legendary role as The Joker, we can only expect the best from what JGL could possibly bring to the Dark Knight persona.


Seeing John Blake (Gordon-Levitt) at the end of the Dark Knight Rises walk into the desolate catacombs of the Bat-Cave only begs the question, “What will become of the Bruce Wayne origin if John Blake’s persona carries over to the Justice League film?”

With that, we take a look into some concerns and expectations surrounding the DC film franchise, characters, and actors.

Let’s start with the much anticipated Man of Steel (scheduled to be released June 14th, 2013).


This new reboot of Superman should prove to rival its predecessors, especially since Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan will be at the helm of this project. Knowing what these two have done in the past makes us believe that it can be done right.

Henry Cavill will be playing the title character which would make him the second British actor to play a major DC character (Christian Bale being the first). Hopefully, we will see a stellar performance from Mr. Cavill and have the iconic legend of Superman brought back to life.


It’s been stated that Warner Bros. could be taking a step in Marvel’s direction by telling the prelude story for Justice League after the credits roll at the end of Man of Steel. We can only hope!

What would the League be without its “big three”? We know now that Batman has his way in and Superman is a given. What about Wonder Woman though?

TrinityThere have been a number of attempts to bring Diana of Themyscira back into the live-action limelight. The most successful attempt so far has been the 70’s Wonder Woman TV series starring Lynda Carter (below).


We hear from Variety reporting that Green Lantern co-writer Michael Goldenberg has been hired to write a Wonder Woman script. Hopefully this is given a lot of heart since that is exactly what the character brings to the team.


Variety also says that Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green are hard at work on a Flash screenplay for Greg Berlanti to possibly direct.

Warner Brothers and DC definitely have their work cut out for them as Marvel has shown us the blueprint for team superhero blockbusters on the big screen. Will it play up to the hype? What characters will they bring to the fold? How will it fair against Marvel who seems to already be ahead of the game?


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2 thoughts on “Will Joseph Gordon-Levitt bring “Justice” to the League? How does Wonder Woman fit into the mix?

  1. I am very exciting about Man of Steel, just for the tone of the film. As for the actors… it seems like so many of my favorite movies include Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the cast, I would be thrilled to see him play a leading role in a future Batman movie! I appreciate offbeat approaches to superhero films, and I think JGL would bring real originality to a Batman role.

  2. I actually agree with you on this, there has been so many oddball picks for characters from all sides, but I think most of these productions are doing a pretty good job at casting.

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