Former G4TV personality Adam Sessler returns in a new show on Revision3

You may recall during our post about the fall of G4TV that Adam Sessler, one of the most respected people from that channel, has moved on and been in a bit of limbo lately. Now he’s planning to come back in a big way!

“The Sess”, as he’s so affectionately called, will be coming to Revision3 in their games division acting as Editor-in-Chief, Executive Producer, and “man in front of the cameras”. Check out his announcement below for more details.

It’s really exciting to see Adam Sessler come back to do what he does best, talk about games in a fun and informative way. Revision3 ought to be a great platform for this as yet unnamed show considering it’s fast becoming a channel aimed at the “geek media” crowd. It already has notable programs in its lineup such as The Destructoid Show and Geekbeat.TV. We’ll be keeping an eye out as more details arrive.

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