Consequences and Implications of the Star Wars Buyout

Everyone at this point knows of Disney purchasing Lucasfilm for over $4 billion. Much like the Marvel deal, this has come under fire by a vocal group of Star Wars fans claiming it to be the death knell for a once-loved franchise. I’m here to put those fears to rest while possibly presenting new ones for you to legitimately worry about.

The immediate good that can be seen from this deal is the fact we’re getting more Star Wars movies. Now I know a good lot of you have had a bad taste from the prequel trilogy and understandably so. Keep in mind, however, that George Lucas has announced his retirement after making the deal with Disney and will therefore not sit in the director’s chair for this new trilogy. At best, he will be an advisor so what the fans should really be clamoring for is a director who won’t bow down to every whim by the famed filmmaker.

“I find your lack of excitement… disturbing.”

Although the future is indeed bright for the future of the movie franchise, fans of the first trilogy still speak loudly for the films they know and love to come to Blu-ray in their original forms. It’s no secret to Lucas that his alterations in the Special Editions of Episodes IV, V, and VI were met with mixed reactions and a very vocal negative outburst from diehard fans. Despite the years of requests, Lucas has had no intention of fulfilling them since he personally doesn’t like the first cuts. You would think now that Disney owns Star Wars, the fans can get what they want. Right?

Unfortunately, distribution rights may put a damper to that “new hope”. Twentieth Century Fox actually owns the distribution rights to the fourth episode of the movie franchise permanently. As for the other five films, Fox owns the rights to them also but until the year 2020. The latter part may not be so bad if you think that Disney will release each new film in the sequel trilogy every couple of years then possibly pick up those distribution rights a year after they’re all released. That first film, “A New Hope”, though will be the key and don’t expect Fox to let go of it so easily if at all.

“Help me, Mickey Mouse. You’re my only hope.”

Along with the purchase of Lucasfilm, Disney also acquired the gaming division LucasArts. This game company has had a rich history of titles including The Secret of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion along with Star Wars titles such as The Old Republic and The Force Unleashed. What does the acquisition mean for this once great game developer?

So far, all we know is that it’s “business as usual” as Disney has made no plans to change or cancel any current projects currently in the works. We may, however, see “the house that Mickey built” potentially lay out a timetable utilizing their newly acquired IPs. Adventure games may not be as popular as they once were but a new Maniac Mansion certainly would be fun to see in one way or another.

Ron Gilbert, creator of the Monkey Island franchise, threw in his two cents about the acquisition via Twitter.

You can’t blame the man for trying! Of course, I’m sure Disney has more pressing concerns to deal with before they think about a property like Monkey Island. Once they do get around to it, however, it would be great to see new developments in the forms of games or even a movie or TV series. Maniac Mansion: The Animated Series has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

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