Impressions of ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Episode 3 “Walk With Me”

Season 3 of The Walking Dead has been keeping our characters on the move. After the zombie horde forced Rick, Hershel, and the rest of the group to hightail it, we have seen the survivors living on the edge hoping to get a break. They find the prison and clean it out of both walkers as well as the prisoners who have remained there. Meanwhile, Andrea is separated and sick while under the care of a mysterious sword-wielding woman who keeps “zombie pets” in order to repel the undead. The third episode of the season, titled “Walk With Me” presented a number of cool moments that we’re going to “flesh” out.

WARNING: This article will have spoilers on the Season 3 episode “Walk With Me”.

Much like how the previous episode focused entirely on Rick’s group getting settled in the prison, last night was all about Andrea and her savior. We finally get a closer look at the woman now officially named Michonne as well as the debut of the season’s main antagonist The Governor. Even Merle Dixon, Daryl’s missing older brother, returns with a sweet new arm blade and his characteristic shit-eating grin.

We first see a military helicopter crash leaving the pilot as the only survivor. Michonne and Andrea find it first but hide upon seeing men in vehicles pull up to the wreck. Those with vigilant ears may have heard the sound of bullets when the chopper starts going up in smoke before falling. My thinking, without the show needing to explicitly say it, is that The Governor and his troops shot it down. We know by the end of the episode that they have the artillery and they’re hunting for supplies no matter the cost to anyone else.

That gun ain’t just for show!

While hiding, Michonne’s “pets” were getting rambunctious and causing noise. In order to stay undercover, she quickly sliced off their heads. This incident gets brought up a little later in the episode when Andrea calls her out stating that despite being together for several months, Michonne is still a mystery. It’s assumed that her “pets” were no one she knew but breakfast with The Governor reveals they had some relationship with her after all.

“Come, my pretties!”

Fans of the comics may know of Michonne’s origin story and how the zombies she has with her at first are actually her boyfriend and his best friend. It’s unclear just yet if the show plans to stay accurate to her back story but so far we can safely assume so. My guess is that we will see a flashback revealing who she was pre-apocalypse, the identity of the walkers, and how she obtained her sword.

Our first sight of The Governor upon reaching the wrecked helicopter also brought along everyone’s favorite racist redneck Merle Dixon. Asides from appearing in Daryl’s hallucinations in the Season 2 episode “Chupacabra”, this is the first time we have seen Merle in the flesh since sawing his hand off to free himself from handcuffs in Season 1. His sudden appearance causes Andrea to black out and wake up in the town of Woodbury.

Just looking for a hug

Upon first seeing him, it’s clear that Merle has lost a bit of weight. This would make sense considering it is the apocalypse plus being in a big town where food has to be divvied up. We are treated to a bit of back story from his escape on the roof to being found by the folks of Woodbury. His cauterized stump has a shell over it with a blade attached which makes for a “handy” close ranged weapon. Andrea, hesitant to say anything at first, empathizes with him revealing her separation from the group.

The Governor is clearly a cunning man who chose Merle to speak with the two women upon learning that he knew Andrea before. Always a man who is resourceful and likes to stay one step ahead, I can see The Governor using Andrea to track down Rick’s group. There’s a bit of flirting going on between the two which suggests to me that Andrea will get into a relationship with the sadistic leader much like how she did with Shane in Season 2.

You sure know how to pick ’em, Andrea.

Michonne, on the other hand, is very mistrusting and wants her weapons back in order to leave Woodbury. Her hardened and distant demeanor suits her well for the way it is but Andrea’s willingness to accept what’s presented by The Governor ultimately wins out.

That trust will surely only go so far. The scene where Andrea asks The Governor his real name ought to be a red flag. She proclaims, “Never say never” to which he defiantly responds, “Never”. Knowing Andrea, she’s going to need some hard evidence for her to admit being wrong. Dale isn’t around anymore to try and keep her on track.

“C’mooooon! Tell me! I’ll be your friend!”

“Walk With Me” introduced us to a number of new characters but one that I’m very curious about is the scientific mind of Woodbury and tea-maker extraordinaire Milton. We know very little about this character although we can speculate that he will play the “Eugene” role for fans of the comics. Those of you who don’t know, this means he’s the brains of the group who is not very capable of defending himself. The speculations and explanations on all things technically related to zombies will all be explained by this guy.

“Fancy a spot o’ tea, govna?”

Milton may also be working for The Governor against his will in a way. He knows he can’t defend himself so being of use for someone who can protect him, no matter how morally ambiguous they may be, is in his best interest. I don’t see this character surviving by the end of the season but there is a chance Milton will switch sides if push comes to shove before meeting his maker. There’s even a chance he will play some part in Lori’s pregnancy if he’s also medically adept. That last part is a bit of a stretch until we see more of what he can do.

That final scene with the heads was a great image into how The Governor on the show views life in this new world. The head of the helicopter pilot is seen indicating that he was of no use anymore and therefore expendable. I was expecting to see the zombie niece chained to the wall when going into the secret room. I’m glad the show deviates enough from the comics to keep me guessing. There’s still a chance we may see the zombie fights in the stadium though. I’m sure there’s more of Woodbury we haven’t seen yet.

“Heads in Jars” is NOT on Dish

What are your thoughts on this episode? How do you think the rest of this season will play out? Let us know in the comments below!

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