Top 5: Chainsaws in Video Games

Few weapons in video games are as terrifying as the chainsaw. First finding popularity after the classic slasher flick The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this common logging tool has become a staple in the horror genre both in movies and games.

If you’re going to put the fear of God into someone, just rev up that engine and watch them scramble. On the flip side, few things can make you soil your pants than seeing a maniac whipping one around at you.

Considering how close we are to Halloween, this would be a perfect moment to look back at the best uses of this iconic symbol of “gorror”. This is the top 5 video game chainsaws!

5. The Chainsaw in Doom

We start off with the “grandaddy” of all video game chainsaws; the one found in Doom! This powerful melee weapon can be picked up at the very beginning of the first stage (as shown in the above video). It’s simple but powerful especially in the right hands. Those ghouls from Hell weren’t quite expecting this!

4. The Ripper in Dead Space (series)

The Dead Space franchise is well-known for its gore and gruesome deaths. That’s why bringing along the chainsaw-like Ripper was a no-brainer when you’ve got to cut off a limb or two. The unique aspect of this weapon is that the primary fire will hold out a spinning blade to help keep some distance. The alternative fire will actually shoot out these at high velocity for some delightful¬†dismembering.

3.¬†Dr. Salvador’s Chainsaw in Resident Evil 4

Time to turn the tables! This infamous enemy from Resident Evil 4 is known for his obvious appreciate of Leatherface and one hit kills. Dr. Salvador will attempt to run right up to you, chainsaw in hand, before swinging for your neck in a bloodcurdling battle cry. Don’t let this man get close or it’s “heads up”!

2. Paddlesaw in Dead Rising 2

What’s better than a chainsaw? How about two chainsaws? No? Well then how about two chainsaws strapped on each side of a double-sided kayak paddle? That’s the very nature of this improvised artillery in Dead Rising 2. It’s one of the most fun and powerful combo weapons you can create that’s a sure hit with crowds of the undead!

1. Lancer in Gears of War (series)

Anyone who played the Gears of War games have had a run-in or two with this bayonette of death. Part machine gun and part chainsaw, the Lancer is an exceptional weapon that is a must for any anti-Locust arsenal. The scary part too is that even if you hear someone “let ‘er rip”, it may already be too late!

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