First Look at the ‘Evil Dead’ Remake

Movie remakes have seen a mixture of success lately. For every Fright Night, we get a Total Recall. Hollywood has been notorious for cranking out rehashed ideas for a quick buck. If a movie really needs to be rebooted, it would help to have someone who worked on the original source material to oversee production.

Enter the remake for Evil Dead. This seemingly unnecessary remake looks to be on the right path.¬†Judging by the trailer that just came out today, we’re in for a good old-fashioned bloodbath!

Thankfully, we won’t see someone else try to fill in the big shoes of Bruce Campbell as the chainsaw-wielding protagonist Ash. We are instead treated to a group of teenagers who find the Book of the Dead in a cabin. One of them decides to read from the book despite warnings not to and brings forth an unspeakable evil around them.

Being produced by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, the director and star respectively of the original Evil Dead trilogy, certainly throws in a high level of credibility. The gore and blood seems to spill freely here which is exactly how this should be made if you ask me. Hopefully, it ends up being a little more than the typical horror formula of a bunch of white kids not knowing when to leave evil things alone. So far, consider me impressed!

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