Could ‘Ouya’ become a game changer for home consoles?

UPDATE 2: A video from Kickstarter with the people involved talking about Ouya has been added.

UPDATE: Some more details have been released including a partial image of the Ouya controller! It is said to be a “love letter to console gamers” in design and will also include a touchpad similar to the Wii U (but smaller). Games will still be free-to-play, at least initially, with developers potentially setting their own prices and adding micro transactions later on.

Are you someone who likes to get their hands dirty in creating something? Do you wish there was a gaming platform that actually encourages you to do just that? The Ouya may have your prayers answered!

The Ouya, in a nutshell, is a $99 game console that uses an Android operating system and features free-to-play games. That’s right, the only cost to the consumer would be the system itself! Not only that but a development kit is also included to create your own games and (presumably) have them available to download.

A list of big names are behind this project including former Xbox Vice President Ed Fries (Advisor), Julie Uhrman from IGN (Founder and CEO), and Yves Behar of One Laptop Per Child (Designer).

This all sounds well and good so far but one glaring question stands out. Where exactly is the revenue going to come from? The only possibilities that come to mind are advertising as well as in-game purchases much like how free-to-play games currently generate a profit. Maybe there’s something else planned to redefine the model currently set in place. Details on this are scarce for now.

Many folks will also be curious on what kinds of games we will be seeing from a system like this. I personally can’t see “Facebook styled” games like Farmville become the norm if the Ouya plans to be successful. Thankfully titles like Blacklight: Retribution, League of Legends, and Team Fortress 2 lead a growing number of free-to-play games that we could potentially see thrive here. Support from studios to develop games will be key to showcase alongside titles by independent developers. The most interesting aspect of what can make or break the console really is what the community puts into it. As long as there’s a strong fanbase then the Ouya certainly has a shot.

Are you excited by the prospect of the Ouya? Could you see yourself developing games for it if the tools are easy enough to use? Let us know in the comments below!