‘Shadow of the Colossus’ movie is happening, hires ‘Chronicle’ director

As we all know, video games have been translated to film so well in the past. Movies like Max Payne, Hitman, Mario Bros., and Street Fighter are pinnacle examples of this. Right.

A live action movie adaptation of the 2005 game Shadow of the Colossus was announced by Sony Pictures back in April 2009. So far we know that Kevin Misher (The Scorpion King) is producing and the script is being written by Justin Marks (*shudder* Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li). We may now have one saving grace with the announcement that the director of found footage styled teen superhero flick Chronicle, Josh Trank, is on board to helm the project.

Shadow of the Colossus has you play as a young boy named Wander who must slay giant creatures (or colossi) in order to save his love interest named Mono. The game is literally like one big boss fight after another with everything in between being cutscenes and traveling across the land on Agro, your horse. It’s a shining example of the type of game that can get very emotional with very little dialogue or even understanding of the characters.

I’m not terribly excited about a movie being made simply because of the kind of budget behind it and people involved. I will hold out a small bit of hope that the visuals will be impressive and Trank, being a self professed fan of the game, will do it justice. Even the game’s creator, Fumito Ueda, will be involved with the production. I guess you can consider me waist deep in the “cautiously optimistic” side of the pool.

Interestingly enough, Shadow of the Colossus was used in the movie Reign Over Me. The character played by Adam Sandler uses the game as a way to mentally escape and cope with the loss of his family after the events of 9/11. Gameplay is shown throughout the film as well as dialogue explaining the nature of the game. The video below is a great example of this. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

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