‘Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe’ takes a dark turn for a comedic character

Not too many Marvel characters know how to kill with humor like Deadpool. “The Merc with a Mouth” has always been more about wisecracks than cracking skulls. This August, writer Cullen Bunn and artist Dalibor Talajic plan to take our favorite mercenary down a dark path as he takes out heroes and villains alike in the four issue miniseries called Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe.

Bunn, as well as editor Jordan White, spoke with Comic Book Resources about their upcoming project. They mention how the idea drew inspiration from the one shot comic Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe where Frank Castle lives up to the comic’s namesake along with offing himself!

Deadpool’s motivation for his murderous journey was put into question particular if there was anything deriving from his main line of comics. The man does have a thing for the incarnation of Death itself afterall! Although this idea was shot down, it was revealed how seriously twisted the tone of this run will get.

“When the switch gets flipped (so to speak), Deadpool takes a very dark turn. From that point, he’s got a very specific goal in mind, and he’s not going to stop for anything or anyone.”

Are you excited to see Deadpool go on a rampage or are you more of a fan of his silly and comedic antics? Sound off in the comments section below!

5 thoughts on “‘Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe’ takes a dark turn for a comedic character

  1. As a short response, I’m totally with you on that! I’m pretty psyched to see how it turns out and I dig the art style from what I’ve seen so far.

  2. Great avatar and name too by the way! That was always the costume I’d pick when playing my Deadpool, Taskmaster, Dr Doom team. 😉

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