‘Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut’ DLC will expand on ending and EA responds to anti-gay threats

We’ve got a firestorm of Mass Effect 3 related news for you today! First we’ll cover the anticipated ending DLC that has been officially announced.

The fans have spoken and BioWare has listened. Downloadable content to expand upon the controversial ending of the sci-fi saga will be released this summer. This is going to be free DLC (until April 2014) and will include new cinematic scenes for the epilogue.

Dr. Ray Muzyka, co-founder of BioWare, has stated that this will keep the integrity of the ending that the developers have created while filling in details that was demanded by the fans.

“Since launch, we have had time to listen to the feedback from our most passionate fans and we are responding. With the ‘Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut’ we think we have struck a good balance in delivering the answers players are looking for while maintaining the team’s artistic vision for the end of this story arc in the Mass Effect universe.”

Will this truly appease fans who have been outraged over the ending or will it not make a difference? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Electronic Arts has been under fire lately and I don’t mean for recently being voted “Worst Company in America”. Letters have been coming in to the company by the thousands in protest of homosexual romance choices in their games, namely Mass Effect 3.

These letters, which were sent specifically to senior leaders at EA, threaten to boycott the company’s games unless it stops allowing same-sex romance in their products. The claim is made that EA is being pressured by LBGT groups to include homosexual content which in turn is forcing it onto children. Jeff Brown, vice president of corporate communications at EA, had the following to say on the matter.

“Every one of EA’s games includes ESRB content descriptors so it’s hard to believe anyone is surprised by the content. This isn’t about protecting children, it’s about political harassment.”

“EA has not been pressured by any groups to include LGBT characters in our games. However, we have met with LBGT groups and sponsored industry forums to discuss content and harassment of players in online forums. In short, we do put options for same-sex relationships in our games; we don’t tolerate hate speech on our forums.”

Mass Effect 3, unlike the previous two titles in the franchise, allows for Commander Shepard to have a relationship with a member of his crew of the same sex. A male Shepard can get involved with either Steve Cortez or Kaiden Alenko while a female Shepard can pursue a lesbian encounter with Samantha Traynor.

I have to give kudos to EA for standing up for this decision. Despite the hardships they have dealt with due to mistakes or controversial moves on their part, this is truly a sign of a progressive thinking company that doesn’t give in to hate mongering groups. Apparently inter-species sex is okay but same-sex relationships are where we draw the line. Give me a break! Let your voice be heard on the matter in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “‘Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut’ DLC will expand on ending and EA responds to anti-gay threats

  1. Also glad that EA is sticking to their guns on the gay relationships. First if of all, I am sure there is a “mature rating” on this game so when parents are saying their kids, it is not like a 5 year old is playing this game. Second, with gay rights becoming more popular as well as more in the media, why shouldn’t be in a game?

  2. Precisely, it’s pretty clear this is a political or religious agenda and nothing more.

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