The Walking Dead Season 2 recap and what to expect for Season 3 ***SPOILERS***

Season 2  of The Walking Dead has come to an end and boy is there a lot to discuss! Lets sit back and go over everything we’ve seen so far and while we’re at it, contemplate on what we can anticipate for Season 3 this fall. Just so you know, this post is going to be full of spoilers so DON’T read on if you haven’t watched the latest episodes.

We have gone over the events before the mid season finale before so lets begin at episode 8 “Nebraska”. After finding and slaughtering all of the zombies hidden away in Hershel’s barn, including the perennially lost Sophia, Hershel is demanding for Rick’s group to leave his farm. He leaves for a nearby tavern so as to drink and grieve. Rick and Glenn find Hershel where he admits to losing faith and feeling hopeless knowing that there is no cure after turning into a zombie. A couple of men walk into the bar and greet them. The conversation gets tense as questions are asked about where Rick, Glenn, and Hershel are staying at and if they can take the two men there. Rick turns down their plea and guns both of them down.

A shootout occurs after the group where the men came from come looking for them and realizes that Rick must have killed them. A young man named Randall is left behind as the group quickly leaves after zombies show up. Rick and the gang take Randall with them and are instantly presented with the problem on what to do with him. Shane believes they should simply kill him for fear of others from his group looking for him and finding the farm. Rick wrestles with the idea of dropping him off somewhere away from the farm. In the mean time, Randall is left tied up in the barn. Dale pleads to not kill him when the group is brought together to decide. A decision is made and Rick is about to shoot Randall when Carl sneaks in telling him to do it. Carl is lead away and Rick resists pulling the trigger out of guilt. Dale later gets attacked by a zombie when investigating a dead cow and is put out of his misery by Daryl.

Shane later decides to take matters into his own hands and takes Randall outside the barn. He leads him out into the woods and tells him that he wants to join Randall’s group. Shane then snaps Randall’s neck and smashes his face into a nearby tree to create the illusion of being attacked. He gets the group’s attention and tell them that Randall jumped him and ran off. Daryl and Glenn walk together while Rick and Shane are in their own group. Daryl gets attacked by the zombie Randall confused because of his lack of bites or scratches. Rick eventually realizes what Shane is doing and looks across at Shane in a field pointing a gun at him. Shane exposes his plan of taking Lori and Carl for himself. Rick then tricks Shane into letting him get closer and stabs him in the gut.

Carl sees his dad right after Shane dies and points a gun right at him (it seems) at first. We see Shane come back as a zombie coming towards Rick and Carl saves him with a shot right into the zombie Shane’s head. The gunshot attracts a large herd of zombies and soon the farm is under attack. Hershel tries to hold back as many as he can from the house while Glenn, Maggie, Andrea, T-Dog, and Daryl are driving and taking out more around the fields. Rick and Carl hide out in the barn then allow a large group of zombies to come in before torching the whole place down. Hershel’s son Jimmy and daughter Patricia are killed during the battle and Andrea gets left behind by the group while everyone escapes. Andrea runs for what seems like hours and gets saved by a mysterious hooded stranger wielding a katana blade. The rest of the group find each other and Rick reveals to everyone what Jenner whispered in his ear at the end of Season 1. The zombie infection is in everyone as far as they know so you will turn when you die no matter what. We then see the last shot of the episode as it pulls away and reveals a prison nearby.

Whew! Are you up to speed now? The first thing I have to bring up as far as the difference between the first half and second half of the season is just how action packed it got after the midseason hiatus. Glen Mazzara took over as showrunner and his approach to each episode has lead to a faster paced story and more dramatic reveals/surprises. I will go so far as to say that the show has seen its best episodes under his control. It truly feels like the pace and tone of the comics.

I literally jumped for joy at Michonne’s reveal during the last episode. Those of you who have read The Walking Dead comics know how much of a badass she is and what she brings to the table when it comes to taking down zombies. You thought Andrea had some awesome kills? You haven’t seen anything yet! It was revealed during The Talking Dead that Michonne will be played by Danai Gurira who has previous been in movies like My Soul To Take and Ghost Town.

So what can we expect next season? Well if Michonne’s presence, the reveal of the prison, and the casting of The Governor are any indication then we are in for the best season that this show will have to offer. It is in my humble opinion that everything within the prison and dealing with The Governor was the best story arc in the comics. The group will find the prison and consider it such a lucky break since now they have an actual fence to hold off zombies unlike at the farm. There will also be prison gear such as body armor, helmets, and batons which is always handy when fighting off the undead. Michonne will also bring an edge (literally as well as figuratively) to the group being a former lawyer and fencer who has managed surprisingly well in a world overrun by zombies. On screen, I’m thinking of her being like a female Blade but without the vampires.

What do you expect to happen in Season 3? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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