Does Mass Effect 3’s ending ruin the franchise?

(Warning: there are spoilers ahead. It should be implied discussing an ending, but just so I told you twice: SPOILER ALERT)

I never, ever thought I’d type those words. Not in a million years. But today I beat ME3 and needless to say I am disappointed to say the least. The last 6% of the game is one of the most regrettable ends to a game since Halo 2.

If you haven’t already beaten the game let me sum it up for you; The Crucible is the daddy of the Reapers. It created the Reapers in order to wipe out advanced life so lesser lifeforms can be allowed to mature along their evolutionary plane. You can pick one of 3 choices: You can take control of the Reapers, you can exterminate all synthetic life, or you can merge organic and synthetic life together. We’ll come back to this in a moment.

First off in all three endings basically THE SAME THING HAPPENS: Shepherd=Dead, Mass Relays blow up, Normandy and peeps get stranded via LOST style on planet somewhere, roll credits, and then a cutscene of an old dude finishing telling a story of ‘The Shepherd’ to a kid. THAT’S ALL. You other actions make zero difference. Every choice you made in the those 3 games amount to almost absolutely nothing.Even the ending choices listed above still make no difference really in the scheme of the events after you choice. In essence: For a game serious that has made it’s name and fame off of choice, the ending to this trilogy strips all that choice from you in its final moments.

What’s sad is that before all this terrible ending business, Mass Effect 3 is a 10/10 game. It was engaging, serious, and fun affair that gets completely brutalized by the subsequent 1/10 ending.

I have to wonder what happened when someone at Bioware decided to physically write this to paper. Was it all a  giant joke? Is it some really horrible way of selling future ‘The End’ DLC? Before this I would have recommended the Mass Effect series to anyone I came into contact with, but now? I don’t think so…

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